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We can custom paint most guitars and have experience prepping to paint on bare wood as the starting point or existing factory lacquer finishes. All artwork is clearcoated.

Prior to painting we ask clients to dismantle the guitar i.e. all removal items need to be taken off. This includes the neck (if possible) unless you particularly want it to be painted.
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Pink from Pink Floyd's The Wall themed guitar custom painted by Jo Taylor
Leopard Themed guitar custom painted by Jo Taylor
Tribal Dragon on pink sparklescence Themed guitar custom painted by Jo Taylor UK Custom
Celtic Design custom artwork on guitar airbrushed by Jo Taylor
Besides custom airbrushing guitars and Guitar Hero plates, other stringed instruments, drum kits, guitar amps, loudspeaker cabinets and instrument and amplifier cases may also be custom painted with artwork, graphics and airbrush special effects paints please enquire.
Using state-of-the-art paints that encompass: pearls, metallic, candy, thermal colour (colour that changes with heat), metalflake, sparkles, colour shift sparkle or chameleon sparkle, colour shift or flip-flop, light shift colours means we always have the 'WOW' factor at our disposal.

We have long experience painting items like:- guitars, motorbikes, trikes, 4 x 4's, crash helmets, skis, sports gear, harley davidson bikes, leather, jackets, helicopters, fuselages, off road vehicles, wall murals, many types of safety helmet, fuel tanks and bike parts and as such we have encountered many different types of surfaces and materials to paint on including:- metal, plastic, fibreglass, perspex, wood, laminated wood composite, plaster, ceramic, carbon fibre, leather, denim, canvas, skateboard ramp and skin (body art).
"If it can be prep'd, it can be painted!"
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With over 30 years
airbrush experience!


Below is a selection of
custom airbrush artwork
designs painted by
Jo Taylor Custom
on various vehicles & items.

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Custom airbrush artwork painted on trike fuel tank by UK airbrush artist Jo Taylor custom artwork
Custom airbrush artwork design detail of cobra and hatchlings  painted on Isuzu 4 x 4 panel by Jo Taylor Custom.
Airbrush artwork USA Eagle Stars & Stipes theme custom painted on Harley Davidson Motorcycle by Jo Taylor Custom
Custom airbrush artwork design detail of  Sleepy Time Gal pin-up girl in World War 2 airplane nose art style  painted on Aviator leather jacket by Jo Taylor Custom.
Airbrush artwork Star Wars Revenge of the Sith  design theme custom painted on Kawasaki Ninja Motorcycle by Jo Taylor Custom
Custom airbrush artwork  Predator (AVP) design theme painted on Roof Boxer Helmetl by Jo Taylor Custom.
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