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About Jo Taylor: Airbrush Artist & Custom Painter

After living and breathing artwork since I was knee-high to a grasshopper, I've been forever captivated by the magic of airbrush artwork and fantasy illustration and have been perfecting my airbrushing for over 30 years.

I've been both inspired and influenced by the Renaissance Master painters such as Caravaggio, Michelangelo & Da Vinci; awed by the genius of Picasso, Dali and Escher and blown away by the maestros of fantasy art like Vallejo, Giger, Vargas; the satirical 'toons of Scarfe, Steadman & Searle and the animation artists at Disney and Warner. Above all I have been taught how to draw, paint and animate by some great tutors at the Arts University College Bournemouth and Poole Adult Education.
All of the aforementioned have played a major role in my artistic education but few, post it's invention in the late 1800's, used the airbrush in their work or their teaching.
However, the airbrush has been the main tool for me (once I was taught how to use it by Russell Gannicott in 1980-something). Following my initiation, I've championed it's capabilities and became an Airbrush Tutor myself, teaching for the DeVilbiss Aerograph Company from 1992-1994 and privately thereafter.
Since then, becoming a professional painter has introduced me to the world of custom motorbikes, TV stage sets, at least 300 students eager to learn airbrush and I have made some life-long friends among my contemporaries and clients.
The love affair continues with a major passion and I can honestly say I still get a great buzz out of doing a piece of airbrush artwork. No matter what the subject or the item it's being rendered onto, the challenge is ever beguiling... to paint it to the best of my ability...and some!
With over 30 years
airbrush experience!


Below is a selection of
custom airbrush artwork
designs painted by
Jo Taylor Custom
on various vehicles & items.

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Custom airbrush artwork painted on trike fuel tank by UK airbrush artist Jo Taylor custom artwork
Custom airbrush artwork design detail of cobra and hatchlings  painted on Isuzu 4 x 4 panel by Jo Taylor Custom.
Airbrush artwork USA Eagle Stars & Stipes theme custom painted on Harley Davidson Motorcycle by Jo Taylor Custom
Custom airbrush artwork design detail of  Sleepy Time Gal pin-up girl in World War 2 airplane nose art style  painted on Aviator leather jacket by Jo Taylor Custom.
Airbrush artwork Star Wars Revenge of the Sith  design theme custom painted on Kawasaki Ninja Motorcycle by Jo Taylor Custom
Custom airbrush artwork  Predator (AVP) design theme painted on Roof Boxer Helmetl by Jo Taylor Custom.
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"If it can be prep'd, it can be painted!"
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